Index, Fixed, and Variable Annuities

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Iron Clad Retirement Planning

An annuity can help you reach your retirement goals, whether you are saving to build your Nest-Egg or want to turn your Nest-Egg into retirement income.  Learn More Below…

  • Achieve stock market like growth without any risk to your principle due to market losses. Too good to be true??  How is that possible??  Here’s how…
  • Your gains are locked in every year on the policy anniversary date and will never be lower due to market declines. Guaranteed!!
  • Only participate in stock market gains, but never participate in its losses. This means if the markets are down in a given year your money stays the same and just slides over.
  • Index and Fixed Annuities have no fees, sales charges, management fees, etc. 100% of your initial principle is credited to your account on day 1.
  • Your annuity grows tax-deferred. No 1099’s to deal with each year.
  • Provides income you can’t outlive if you choose.
  • Some companies provide a 5%-10% bonus credited to your account on the initial deposit and future deposits for the first 5 years.
  • You can get to 10% annually with no penalty.
  • No longer have to sacrifice growth for safety.
  • Can provide total Long-Term Health care expense protection without the expensive monthly insurance premiums.
  • No delays and costs of probate to your beneficiaries.
  • Assets protected against judgments, creditors, liens, etc.
  • Simply the best strategy for those who want to achieve growth of their assets without the risk of running out of money in retirement or losing their investment to market losses, fees, long term care expenses, unnecessary taxes, and low returns.

Equity-Indexed Annuities

In the past several years, a new type of tax-deferred annuity has become popular: Equity Index Annuities.  Similar to other fixed-rate annuities, the equity-indexed annuity offers guaranteed principle, a guaranteed minimum interest rate, and your money grows tax-deferred. Unlike other fixed annuities where the company locks-in an interest rate   for one or more years, the equity-indexed annuity grows based on the performance of the S&P 500 Index or other stock market indexes.  Most companies however use the growth of the S&P 500 Index to determine the crediting rates.

The biggest advantage of Equity Index Annuities is the safety of principle.  Equity-indexed annuity contracts offer a interest rate that is linked to the stock market indexes or a minimum guaranteed interest rate (typically 3%) issued by the company. The minimum guaranteed interest rate is guaranteed no matter what the Index does. Equity-indexed annuities have penalties for early withdrawal called surrender charges. These charges decline over the length of the surrender charge period (typically five to ten years).  However, most companies will let you get to 10% of your account penalty free each year.

The compelling reason for choosing equity index annuities is simply the potential for gaining higher interest rates by linking your money to the equity indexes; they have historically provided significantly higher returns than fixed interest rate products.


When the contact holder dies, with most companies the full contract value minus any withdrawals will be given to the person(s) who inherit the money.

Bonus Fixed Annuities

These annuities offer a fixed interest rate for a period of time ranging from 1-10 years.  The interest typically a bit higher than traditional banks will offer on CD’s but what sets these apart are the bonus you get on the initial premium the client puts in.  These bonuses can be as high as 12%.  Like index annuities, the fixed annuities grow tax deferred as well but simply have a fixed interest rate.

Eliminate Your Downside Risk And Increase Your Wealth

Equity Index Annuities (E.I.A.) allow you to participate in the gains of the stock market with NO downside risk of the principle due to market losses.  These products will save you on taxes by growing tax deferred and give you an iron-clad guarantee of your principle.

How great would it be to receive up to a 5%-10% bonus on your initial investment?  There are several companies that offer these types of bonuses.  For example, on the 10% bonus products, if you were to put $100,000 into this type of investment, the company would then credit your account to $110,000 immediately as a thank you for your business.  From that point forward your interest rate follows only the gains in the market.  Your principle is never subject to market loss–only the gains.  Guaranteed.   Please see the example below.

1) The first slide shows a 5% upfront bonus which several companies offer on these type of products and a 8% first year return.  If you combine the 5% bonus and say a 8% index credit, you would get a solid 13% return.  At the end of the first year or the anniversary date, your money is locked in at $113,000.  At this point the account is guaranteed to never be lower due to market losses.

2) In the second year we again have good markets and the account grows $124,575 and is locked in to never be lower. 

3) In the third year we have bad markets and they go down. (see yellow circle below)  However, the money just slides over and the account still has $124,575 because it was locked in at the end of the previous year.

4) In the fourth year we have good markets and the account grows to $137,032 and locks in to never be lower due to index losses.

5) In the fifth year we have bad markets and they go down.  Again, the account was locked in the previous year so it just slides over and you still have $137,032 because it was protected by the annual lock-in point. 

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