The Top Six Reasons People Plan for Long-Term Care

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What’s important to you about your long term care insurance risk?

  1. Burden: People don’t want to be a burden to their children, spouses, and friends for chronic personal care and/ or the finances required for that level of care.
  2. Access to Quality Care: People want the freedom of choosing the best home health agency or nursing home in the market.  They don’t want the government telling them where they can go if they are on Medicaid.
  3. Aversion to Welfare: People have an aversion to welfare which is MEDICAID.
  4. Asset or Nest-Egg Protection: People want to protect their assets that they have worked hard to save and simply don’t want to give $60,000 a year to a stranger who owns a Nursing Home.
  5. Control and Independence: People want control and independence in choosing how they will live and the kind of care they will receive.
  6. Peace of Mind: The peace of mind that is offered by Long Term Care insurance is immeasurable.  Being able to sleep at night knowing one is protected, instead of worrying about what to do when health changes is the feeling most people desire.

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