Long-Term Care Insurance

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What if you could protect you and your family from the greatest risk to your finances and retirement?  Imagine the comfort you would feel knowing that you’ve planned.

The Sobering Fact

New England Journal of Medicine: 43% of those who are over the age of 65 will spend some time in a nursing home.

Times Have Changed

Baby boomers have changed America in many ways from early retirement and vacations to computers at the workplace.  Thanks to healthier lifestyles such as gym memberships and advancements in healthcare, it is not surprising that baby boomers will also experience a different aging process than their parents did.  Baby Boomers are living longer, and thus may be at a greater risk for chronic illness–which will require long term care assistance.

Will You Be Ready?

Unfortunately, a lot of Americans downplay the risk of becoming unable to care for themselves and possibly have misconceptions about who will pay for their Long Term Care needs down the road.  Many will choose to bury their head in the sand and depend on the Government (Welfare Program).  Along with an increased life expectancy will come an increased chance of needing Long Term Care (LTC).  Just as you plan for your retirement or your children’s educations, you should plan a way to pay for your potential LTC needs; because the costs of care can be staggering…

The average national yearly cost for care is the problem:

  • Nursing Home 2017 – $90,500
  • Home Care 2017 – $47,934
  • Assisted Living Facility 2017 – $45,000

According to an official at Genworth Financial Long-Term Care unit in Richmond, Virginia.

Those costs can wipe out your nest-egg quickly. With the average stay at 2.4 years, for instance, the average cost of nursing home care is now $217,200 per person or $434,400 for a married couple in today’s dollars.  Who knows how much inflation will increase medical costs in the future, but if you plan today it will be just one less thing you have to worry about when your head hits the pillow at night.

The Good News

92% of LTC claims were for care that lasted less than 3 years.  (Long-Term Care Claims-Milliman, April ,2005)

So, the positive side is 92% of your risk is within that 3 year window.  To cover the majority of you risk you don’t need a big and huge 10 year plan that will be expensive…just a 3 year plan to cover 92% of your risk.

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Long Term Care Insurance helps you:

1. Prevent being a burden on your children, grand-kids, and family.                                                              

2. Protect your Nest Egg (Assets/Savings)

3. Ensures you will get quality care

4. Avoid becoming dependent on Welfare

5. Maintain your independence

6. Live in your own home as long as reasonably possible

7. Have the flexibility to choose between various care options

8. Most importantly, it preserves your quality of life

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