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You might be retired already or retirement is in your very near future.  What ever the case may be, as we age our investment time horizon shrinks every year.  When you were in you 30’s or 40’s you might of been willing to take a chance and invest in volatile stocks like the’s of the world.  Now, you may want to take some chips off the table and reduce your exposure to risk.

How can you do that with out sacrificing growth?  The key is diversification and choosing a proven investment such as a mutual fund that has consistently beaten the returns of the S&P 500.  Why is that important?  If your investments have not be beating the S&P 500 there is no reason to be in it because you are taking on more risk and paying more fees for a lower return.  Simply put, you could of bought a S&P 500 index fund that mirrors the performance of the S&P 500 and diversified with 500 different companies rather than putting all you eggs in one basket. 

Our Simple Process

  • First, we listen and take careful notes on your retirement goals and over all situation. 

  • Second, we will analyze the returns of you investments take a look at your insurance situation such as health, life and long-term care.

  • Third, we will shop the entire market to find you the absolutely best investments and insurance products. 

We are true independent brokers and can work with any financial company.  This objectivity will take the politics out of your original retirement plan and help grow and protect your money faster.

For your original retirement plan…

The smart, easy way to protect your retirement.

To receive your free original retirement plan please complete this simple, secure form below, and then sit back and relax.  We will shop the entire market of companies to build your original financial plan.  No more moving from company to company in search of the best product that fits your needs because we work with all the major investment companies and have no preference to any one of them.  We’ll simply find you the best.

Your Original Financial Plan includes:

  • An in-depth review of your current investments such as Morningstar fund’s ratings, past returns, and risk to reward analysis (Beta).

  • A thorough, side-by-side comparison of each funds pros and cons as well and full disclosure of commissions and expenses.

  • Information on 401k and IRA roll-overs.  1035 exchange.

  • Information and prospectus for American Funds, Fidelity Investments, Franklin Templeton, etc.

  • Long-Term Care Planning info and quotes from companies such as GE (Genworth), John Hancock, MetLife, Allianz Life, etc.

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