Index, Fixed, and Variable Annuities

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Iron Clad Retirement Planning An annuity can help you reach your retirement goals, whether you are saving to build your Nest-Egg or want to turn your Nest-Egg into retirement income.  Learn More Below… Achieve stock market like growth without any risk to your principle due to market losses. Too good to be true??  How is that possible??  Here’s how… Your gains are locked in every year on the policy anniversary date and will never be lower due to market declines. Guaranteed!! Only participate in stock market gains, but never participate in its losses. This means if the markets are down in a given year your money stays the same and just slides over. Index and Fixed Annuities have no fees, sales charges, management fees, etc. 100% of your initial principle is credited to your account on day 1. Your annuity grows tax-deferred. No 1099’s to deal with each year. Provides income you can’t outlive if you choose. Some companies provide a 5%-10% bonus credited to your account on the initial deposit and future deposits for the first 5 years. You can get to 10% annually with no penalty. No longer have to sacrifice growth for safety. Can provide total Long-Term […]

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