Why Buy Long Term Care Insurance?

Maintain your independence People who are not able to directly bankroll their own LTC expenses must first use up their assets before they qualify for Medicaid. Medicaid will not cover you if you want to receive care at home or at an assisted living center.  Your options will be down to nursing homes that are approved by Medicaid. If you rely on Medicaid, you only get a semi-private room. The advantage of long term care insurance policy gives you multiple choices and an action plan that you can rely on. You can choose to be cared for in your own home, in an assisted living facility, adult day care, or a nursing home. Protects your spouse with Long Term Care Insurance Married couples who will need long term care must consider the burden they will place on their spouse. Your spouse may be forced to into taking care of you and many times their health will begin to deteriorate.  If you pay out of pocket for care you may leave your spouse with no assets and no safety-net. Prevents being a burden on your children Most kids will take care of their parents if need be…but ask your self the tough […]

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