Investment Style & Philosophy We begin with a broad global trends analysis, backed by the belief that studying global trends is imperative when allocating assets.  This broad macroeconomic view will include technological and political trends, with the objective being to establish how these trends affect financial markets. After answering the broad questions we will then begin to take a look at industry analysis.  Our macroeconomic or “big picture” analysis will help us discover the sectors that we feel have the most potential for growing earnings and making you money. Once the sector has been studied, we will then carefully look at individual companies that show the most potential for growing our client’s money, while reducing the risk. Areas We Can Help You In IRA Roll-Over/Retirement Planning You might be retired or approaching retirement and need to park your IRA, 401K in an investment engine that has the potential for solid growth and less risk.  As you age your investment time horizon shortens and most people want less risk for their retirement dollars.  After careful consideration of your situation, we will give you your original financial plan that will be packed full of ideas that give your portfolio the potential for growth while […]

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